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At the Eye of the Storm :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 5 3 dun dun du-da it's SupahBlonde :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 2 2
Gone to War 6
The cargo hatch was filled with boxes, military weapons and three bails of hay. What? Hay?
I was terrified, shaking like a leaf sitting on the floor. The plane rummbled then stopped, the control room door opened "Some soliders spotted me, I'm gonna distracted them, if you hear any doors open, hide and don't make a sound," she instructed. We nodded and she slid the door shut. Silence filled the room. I turned to him silently.
"So your name is Axel?" I asked quietly
"Yeah, what about it?" he grumbled
"I was just making sure," I replied denfensivly
"Well now you know," he grunted and looked away sharply, wow arogant much? Geez...
I shouldn't be too hard on him. He must be paranoid or something.
"Did those japenese soliders do anything to you?" I pressed on
"Why are you talking to me?" he retorted
I'm losing my patence, I took a deep breath.
I spoke softly "just wanted to know if you were okay, I didn't-"
A muscle spazzed in my back making it burn rapidly. I cringed and smacked my hand beh
:iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 1 2
You look afraid... :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 4 3 The boy who cried himself wolf :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 2 5 Moon's Gaurdian :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 2 3 I won't hurt you :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 0 6 Innocense has protection :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 2 5 Gone to War pic :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 2 1 Abby :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 1 8 Ed :iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 1 1
Gone to War 5
The soliders arrived at a small steel door that was under an abandon building. They knocked three times and hissed a password in japanese. A minute rolled by then the door opened. The first one marched in. The second one carrying me was stopped by another solider,
"What the deal with this one?" he said sternly
"We got another minor, where should I put it?" Did he just call me an IT?
"Just put it with the others," he geastured to the side
Wait, others? The solider slid me off his shoulder and threw me across the room. I landed face first. There was a handful of gasps, I coughed and a curtain of hair that slid to the wood floor just turned to that familiar glossy crimson that splotched and dripped off. I soaked up the last amount of energy and turned myself over then used my tied legs to push myself into a sitting position and propped myself against the cold wall gently. I looked down at myself, I'm a bloody mess. Pain hugged my body, my head is spinning and its throbbing like crazy. I a
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Gone to War 4
Jeremy looked at me ".....Zora, I-I'm so sorry, I can't even imagine what type of pain you're going through,"
I looked down at my feet "Thank you, Jeremy I'm just sorry Wakson had to scar my eye," It was true, when he kicked my eye, his boot left a cut so deep it stayed there. When I arrived at the base, the other medics tried to treat it, but nothing worked. For six months I could barely see anything in that eye and the color of it turned a pearly-white. After awhile my vison came back and the color is regaining but there is still a huge line across my eye ball and down my cheek.
"I'll do anything to get you out of here, anything. It's sick and wrong to keep you here," He said bitterly. I chuckled and continued to wash his shoulder "Thanks, but if I did attempt to leave I would be killed, and if I did escape and went home; Wakson would either track me down or just find another kid to take my place," he nodded "You're so brave Zora, you're not like the other teenage girls I've ever see
:iconmybigblueeyes:MyBigBlueEyes 1 4
Gone to War Chapter 3
~Read discription first!!
We landed with a big boom and everyone went off their seats about a foot. Except for me, I went up about 5 feet and Forest had to catch me. I sceamed kinda loud. Everyone started laughing, even the boy. I just started to laugh after I figured out what happend, "Did you enjoy your flight Zora?" a soilder named Carson called from across the cabin, everyone started to laugh harder "Do it again!" I said excitedly. We all laughed even harder. "Alright! Alright! Settle down!" Carson yelled "Wakson put me incharge so I have to lay down the law," everyone nodded "There is going to be a lot of vegetation, traps, planes, and snakes," Carson looked at me "Did you read that book on snake bites like I told you, Zora?" I nodded "I read it cover to cover, twice,"
"Good, Oh, and before I forget, is anybody allegic to snake venom?" everyone look at eachother, "If you're allergic to snake venom, it will make your heart stop in a matter of seconds," I put in very quickly. Then s
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Gone to War-Chapter Two
  Once I entered the infirmery I ran all the way to Forest's stretcher. I literally threw his mail at him and tore open the pink envolpe. "Letter for you huh?" Forest said not surprised, I nodded viguoressly while just shredding the paper until I got to a note written on lined notebook paper. I read the words 'Dear Zora' then droped the paper "I can't read this" I strained my voice, "Do you want me to read it to you?" Forest said sweetly, I nodded and handed him the paper. I sat down at the foot of the cot while he unwrikled the message.
"Ahem, 'Dear Zora, I don't even know what to say to my own daughter that has been abducted from school and forced into the military. All I can really say is I love you no matter what and remember that the whole family is on your side. We are litterally fighting to keep you alive, and to get you back home. Those people had no right to do that to you and the whole world knows it. The second we found out what happened we called Uncle Lawrence an
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Gone to War Chapter One
Chapter One:
"Doctor! We need another Doctor! Kid, we need you, NOW!"
"What's his condition?"
"He has two broken limbs and internal bleeding from a hand grenade,"
"Alright, this is gonna be a close one, I need disinfectant spray, sponges, and gauze, lots of it,"
"Right away miss! This is why we need you here!"
*sigh* "I know..."
1 : 30 min later
*sigh* "All done, he just needs to rest,"
"How long will he be until he can go back on the field?"
"Well.... due to his degree of injuries he will need about...four months?"
" Four months?! Kid that's insane! What have you've been smoking?!"
"I do not smoke!  And do you want your best fighter back in his best condition or not?!"
*grunt* "fine, just bring the man back in tip top shape, and don't be sassin' and frassin' like this in the future or you'll spend two days in the hole,"
"...yes sir,"  I sighed once more.
I've been here for so long, too long. It's hard to count when you're
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Toph Bei Fong Wig Tutorial :iconkawaii-kioko:Kawaii-Kioko 28 25 Toph Beifong Wig Tutorial :iconmakeshiftwings30:makeshiftwings30 1,258 371 Steven Universe: Pearl :iconmuminika:muminika 2,118 67 Eridan and Feferi :iconcelestier:celestier 1,768 76 Roxy and Jane :iconlantrat:lantrat 380 5 erifef c8 :iconlantrat:lantrat 289 3 Homestuck:GT Trickster John :iconle-juge:Le-Juge 730 49 Haha, lowbloods. :iconvouloir-chan:Vouloir-chan 401 11 Crypts and Helium :iconcoffee-and-paperbags:Coffee-and-Paperbags 14 0 Aranea :iconcoffee-and-paperbags:Coffee-and-Paperbags 99 8 Ohayocon 2014: Saturday - God Tier Feferi and Jade :iconkamara666:Kamara666 9 1 Marceline the Vampire Queen :iconmarina-shads:Marina-Shads 197 24 I Will Cut You :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 1,019 101 SpongeBob and Squidward :iconkawaiinyanko:KawaiiNyanko 5 2 Upside Down :iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 4,181 400 Promstuck: Jane Crocker :iconcolourwhiskey:ColourWhiskey 8 1


Hey, guys I'mma gonna be gone for a while, so you won't hear from me in the time being I will check once or twice if given the opportunity. But other then that I'll see ya later! But don't worry, I'll be back!
As for eevee, mika, and cocoa I'll see you guys on Facebook, gmail, or via texting.

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United States
Hey, wud up? My name is Zora and I'm a proud Deviant. I'm a very short, clever, and sly person so you can try to get past me but you won't get far ;3 I have beautiful, amazing friends that have their own distinguished personalities that give them their awesomeness. I would say that I have a pretty quirky personality. I always love to make my friends laugh as well as myself. I live life to the fullest so its either join me or get out of the way cuz' I never stop! I'm a bit of a dare devil so you might wanna look out, you've been warned. I hope we can be friends! o3O

Current Residence: uhhh...home
deviantWEAR sizing preference: what are the sizes for a Zora?
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Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite photographer: My mother (no joke)
Favourite style of art: sketches and doodles
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MP3 player of choice: ipod
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Wallpaper of choice: arctic wasteland
Skin of choice: You want my WHAT??!
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog
Personal Quote: What's the meaning of life? "Being human,"


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